Flash Banner Wizard

Powerful and easy to use application which helps you create Flash banners, Flash slideshows, Flash animation, Flash text effects and GIF banners without any Flash knowledge and skill.




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Flash Banner Wizard

Easiest way to make cool Flash banners and GIF banners.

Flash Effects

Pre-made Cool Flash Animation Effects

Lots of pre-made cool Flash animation effects, including flash snow effect, firefly effect, star effect, fireworks effect and more

Flash Slideshow

Pre-made Cool 3D Text Effects and Image Effects

Add cool 3D text effects and image effects with pre-made templates, including fire effect, tweening effect, sand effect and more.

Flash Slideshow

Animated Image Effects

Add animated images to Flash banner with pre-made animation effects. Transparent png and gif images are supported.

Flash Text Effects

Animated Text Effects

Add animated texts to Flash banner with pre-made animation effects. Shadow and glow effects are supported.

Flash Buttons

Pre-made Flash Buttons

Add Flash button to Flash banner with pre-made Flash button templates

Flash Music

Add Music to Flash Banner

Easy to add music to your Flash banner. You can choose to place the mp3 file outside or embed the music data to the Flash banner.

Flash Banner

Embed and insert Flash SWF movies

Insert your Flash SWF movies to the Flash banner. You can even insert banners made with the software to a new Flash banner.

Flash Preloader

Built-in Professional Flash Preloader

Choose from built-in professional Flash preloaders. Color, size and text are full customizable.

Flash Banner Maker

Add Web Link to Your Banner

You can add web link to each image, text and button, or you can add web link to the whole Flash banner. ClickTAG and JavaScript functions are supported.

Flash Banner

Full Customizable Size and Background

You can set up the banner to any size as you wish. You can define the background as transparent, solid or gradient color, or you can fill the background with image.

GIF Banner Maker

Animated GIF Banner Maker

In addition to publish the banner to Flash SWF movie, you can also publish the banner to animated GIF banner.

Flash Banner

Easy to Use and Easy to Insert to Your Webpage

What You See Is What You Get user interface, view the result instantly in the built-in preview window, generate HTML codes and instructions to insert the Flash banner to your webpage

System Requirement

All Versions of Windows, including 98, Me, XP, 2000, 2003 Server, Vista and 7,  32bit and 64bit.

Adobe Flash Player 9 and above. You may download and install the free Adobe Flash Player at http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/.