How to Insert Flash SWF to website created on ? is an online website creator. This tutorial will guide you how to insert Flash SWF to website created on

Create Flash .swf file with Flash Banner Wizard or other Flash authoring software.

In Flash Banner Wizard, you need to click button Publish to Banner and choose publish file type as Flash Banner.

On, login to your account and click Site Content on the top toolbar. Click Add/Detele Files on the left navigation buttons, then on the right panel, click button Add New File.

Click Browse the .swf file generted in step 1, and click button Upload the File. After uploading, the .swf file will be listed on the screen.

Return to the Site Content main menu, and edit the webpage you want to display the Flash swf. Once the editor has loaded click the mouse to position the cursor on the page where you want the Flash to be inserted and then click the "Insert/Edit Embedded Media" button on the editor toolbar to open the Insert/Edit embedded media dialog.

On the Popup Insert/Edit embedded media dialog, choose your .swf file from the File/URL list, enter the width and height of your banner as Dimensions.

Click Insert button, the Flash .swf banner will be inserted on the webpage. Save your webpage, then you can now click Preview/Publish to preview or publish your webpage.