How to embed Flash in Powerpoint 2003?

This tutorial will guide you how to embed Flash in Microsoft Powerpoint 2003. There are five steps in this tutorial.

Make Flash animation with Adobe Flash CS5 or Flash Banner Wizard. Copy the Flash .swf file to the SAME folder as your Powerpoint .ppt file.

Open the Powerpoint .ppt file with Microsoft Powerpoint 2003, and select the slide in which you want to insert the Flash movie. Click menu View -> Toolbars -> Control Toolbox. This will show up the Control Toolbox.

In the Control Toolbox, click the bottom right icon which looks like a hammer and a screwdriver, then in the popup dialog, choose the item Shockwave Flash Object. After you click the item, the mouse cursor shape will become a small cross. Click on the slide and drag the mouse, this will draw a rectangle on the slide.

Right click on the rectangle, select Properties in the popup menu, this will show up the Properties dialog.

In the Properties dialog, enter the name of the Flash .swf file to the Movie field. You can also set the Width and Height values here, or you can can just drag and adjust the size of the rectangle.

Click F5 or menu Slide Show -> View Show and preview the Powerpoint Slideshow.

Issues about sharing the Powerpoint .ppt on another computer

To share the Powerpoint on another computer, you need to copy both the .ppt file and .swf file, and place the two files in SAME folder.

There is an option EmbedMovie in the above Properties dialog. Theoretically, if you set its value to True, the Flash SWF movie will be embedded into the Powerpoint .ppt file, and you do not need to copy the .swf file along with the .ppt. But when we test this option, this function just does not work on Windows 7 and Vista. It maybe a bug of Microsoft Powerpoint, or maybe the Security Settings on Windows 7 and Vista.