How to embed Flash HTML5 Web Video Player to WordPress?

This tutorial will guide you how to insert Flash HTML5 Web Video Player to WordPress.

Create Web Video Player with Flash HTML5 Web Video Player

In the software, click button Create Video Player, choose a folder on your local computer and publish the web video player files.

After publishing, the software will also generate HTML code which we will use in step 3, the HTML code will be displayed in the Insert Video Player to Webpage dialog.

Upload the generated files to your web server via FTP

It's better to create a new folder on your web server, and upload all of the files generated in step one to it. You need to upload all of the files, including subfolders videos and js.

In the following example, I created a new folder videoplayer, and uploaded all of the files to it.

Edit your post and insert the HTML code

Login to WordPress control panel, add a new post or edit an existing post.

Click tab HTML on the top right of the editor, then in the software, copy the generated HTML code and paste it to where you want to display the video player.

Modify the HTML code, add URL prefix to the related file references. In my example, the home page of the WordPress is, and I am uploading the files to a subfolder videoplayer, so the URL prefix is combination of them:

You need to add the URL prefix to three JavaScript references and src address of the .swf file.

Publish your post, and the Web Video Player is ready to go.

You can view the Web Video Player demo at .

Problem of editing the HTML code again

In some cases, you may want to re-edit the filename of the .swf file of your video player. Since WordPress will automatically change the pasted HTML code, you may need to pay extra attention to it.

As you can see from the following image, WordPress automatically added a object tag to the HTML code. Now if you want to modify the filename of the .swf file, you need to modify it in two places, as the yellow highlighting.